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Powerful Communication is at the core of any successful organization. Unfortunately, even the best communications often fall apart when teams and individuals are under stress. Stress, a constant in business and in life, is the driving force for productivity, growth, and profitability. When excessive, such as in times of reorganization or rapid growth, it can cause debilitating breakdowns in the function of a team and seriously compromise the profitability of a company.

Our approach begins with in depth interviews with leadership to uncover and identify the unhealthy trends destabilizing the organization, and to create a plan together that will swiftly put the organization on the positive track.  We then take it down to the individual level, addressing the needs and concerns of each team member. We teach skills that can be practiced at home and at work to help them become non-reactive in communications, thereby dramatically improving the dynamic within the organization.

Our solutions are simple, providing transformational tools to the individual and team that easily translate into success for the organization. Please contact Melanie Holden, Owner and Director of Physica, to discuss your companies needs.