Developed by Dr. Jay Kain, a leader in the field of manual therapy, Bio-Integrative Therapy (“BIT”) began more than nine years ago as a result of ongoing clinical research into connective tissue concepts and the need to improve Myofascial Release outcomes. BIT goes far beyond the explanations offered in current literature. Utilizing simple mechano-energetic principles and palpation skills, a practitioner can access deep anatomical structures as easily as dealing with a superficial restriction. This unique approach focuses on treating core causes, which are not necessarily present at the site of the pain complaint. Quite often the source of a problem is far removed from the obvious symptoms. Use of BIT frequently yields a more efficient recovery from acute injuries and resolution of issues before additional injuries occur.

BIT is founded in the developmental aspects of connective tissue anatomy and physiology. Connective tissue is one of the four major building blocks found within the human body. Fascia is a sub-category of one of the anatomical presentations of connective tissue, and it develops into multiple different structures within our body. It can be as fluid as blood or lymph, and it can also be as rigid as bone or cartilage. Most importantly, fascia allows for coordinated movement, support, separation, absorption of stresses and strains, and the transport of vital fluids and waste products. It is continuous and contiguous throughout the entire body

So many structures within the body are partially or completely composed of connective tissue; quite often that is where the origin of a patient’s complaint is found. Fascial restrictions arise from inflammatory responses to trauma.

The approach can relax muscle spasms (like the Counterstrain technique); open lymphatic channels (like Manual Lymph Drainage); release tissue restrictions within the cranial sacral system (like Cranial Sacral Therapy); facilitate releases of chronic conditions such as bone bruises and adhesions (like Myofascial Release); ease soft tissue restrictions within the nervous and visceral systems (like Visceral Mobilization and Neural Tension Techniques); and rebalance skeletal system dysfunction (like Muscle Energy Techniques).
This method is as simple as it is powerful. It combines both Eastern and Western philosophies of treatment, specifically joining physical interventions with energy manipulation as seen with acupuncture, vibrational medicine, shiatsu, and Reiki techniques. In total, Bio-Integrative Therapy is effective, efficient, and non-aggressive to the client and therapist alike.