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Illustration © Anthony D'Agostino from The Ultimate Wishbook by Melanie C. Holden


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At Physica Center for Healing and Education anything is possible!

      Vibrant Health        Total Relief of Pain        Effortless Function        Miracles.

Yes, miracles are happening here everyday to people just like you and me. Babies who have been labeled "failure to thrive" can become fat and happy. Children who are disruptive in a classroom are weaning off their medications and enjoying school for the first time. Women with years of debilitating migraines are painfree. Men with severe low back pain are playing golf with ease.

What is the miracle you are asking for?

 A miracle is something that is beyond our expectation.

Have you been told by your doctors, "There is nothing more we can do," or "You will be on medication for the rest of your life?" Have you lived with nagging pain, believing that you had no other choice?

At Physica, we bridge the gap between traditional and alternative approaches to healing. With a strong base in traditional forms of physical therapy and massage therapy, our therapists also have diverse experience in complimentary forms of treatment such as craniosacral therapy, advanced manual therapies, and Reiki or energy healing. By addressing the body as an integrated system, we provide a unique approach to the healing process.

 Give me a call today to find out what's possible for you. Who knows, maybe your miracle is just a breath away!



Melanie Holden, RPT
Registered Physical Therapist, Reiki Master, owner and director
+1 603-233-3484


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