Physica offers consulting services to corporations, small businesses, and non profits to design and implement programs centered on group and individual communication, team building and stress reduction in the workplace. We are experts in teaching groups to stay non-reactive under extreme personal and organizational stress. This translates into greater productivity and fewer sick days.

Emotion Code

The Emotion Code is a revolutionary form of energy healing that is simple, safe, yet gently powerful. The technique uses muscle monitoring to identify and release trapped emotions which can appear as PTSD, depression, anxiety, fears and phobias. Releasing trapped emotions makes conditions right for the body to heal itself.  


Reiki is the Japanese word for “universal life energy” and is pronounced “ray-key”. It is a 2500 year old Tibetan form of hands-on healing that is powerful in its effect to improve health and emotional wellbeing. Studies have shown that Reiki increases vitality of the immune and endocrine systems. Try a Reiki session today or sign up for a workshop!


Come join a community of like-minded people who are curious about topics like health, spirituality, meditation, nutrition, alternative therapies, yoga, exercise, and more. Join a Reiki class, for example, and learn to use the energy all around you to help yourself and others to heal. Visiting educators and our own staff provide a lively and rich learning experience for you.

Physical Therapy

Experience our unique combination of traditional and alternative therapies to get the greatest relief of your symptoms in the shortest period of time. This combined approach works to relieve your pain and maximize function, even when every other therapy or medication has failed. Call us today to discuss your individual needs.


“I have worked with Melanie for years, and she is part healer, part magician, and part angel. Whether it is her intuitive sense, her healing hands or her gentle therapeutic approach, she always manages to make everything all right, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

Wynne W. Miller

Wynne W. Miller

MMC, Leadership Coaching

“Melanie’s gentle healing work goes deep. Her intuitive touch brings to the surface what you need to release to come back to your balanced Self. Her words open your awareness to more Peace, more Love and Self acceptance.”

Karen Reid

Karen Reid

Certified Emotion Code Practitioner

“After 15 years of dealing with chronic physical and emotional stress from a motor vehicle accident as a teenager, I was able to release the fear and sadness that occurred during the trauma through my work with Melanie.  Melanie has a wonderful, calming way of interacting with her clients to promote an environment that is ideal for healing.  My body also endured significant physical strain from the trauma which resulted in dysfunction of many of my body’s systems presenting as chronic fatigue and additional autoimmune symptoms.   Melanie was able to use her intuition and natural gift for healing to release restrictions in the body to allow for optimal functioning.  From my work with Melanie I have been able to resume running and return to a life where I can see the joy in everyday occurrences!  As a client and as a fellow physical therapist I would highly recommend Melanie to anyone struggling with their health or physical well-being.”

Sarah Vose

Physical Therapist

“Melanie Holden is an amazing healer.  I have been a patient off and on for over 10 years and I can’t imagine my life without her.  One of the things I appreciate about her is her ability to balance traditional health and wellness techniques with a deep wealth of knowledge and experience in alternative therapies. This integrated solution is so important to me as I not only recover but also experience whole body wellness. Melanie has a great team of experts in their field of healing, so I know that I am in great hands, always. Melanie’s office, Physica Center for Healing and Education is great for taking a workshop, going to a class or for therapy treatments.”

Wendy Capland

Wendy Capland

MMC, CEO- Vision Quest Consulting
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I’m writing to let you know that after five years of working in some terrific places (Salem, Windham, Andover, Londonderry…), I am moving Physica Center for Healing and Education back […]

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Our Staff

Karen Reid, CECP

Karen Reid, CECP

Certified Emotion Code Practitioner

When Karen Reid first learned about Emotion Code, she was impressed by the results it could produce in short lengths of time. Already a Reiki Master and Animal Communicator, using her skills to help both animals and humans, Karen studied Emotion Code and became certified through its founder and developer, Dr. Bradley Nelson. Karen says, (more…)

Melanie Forster

Melanie Forster

Yoga Instructor

Melanie Forster was drawn to Yoga and eventually Ayurveda as a way to squeeze exercise into her busy schedule. She became intrigued both by how clear minded and energized Yoga made her feel. She was inspired by the lifestyle of her first yoga teacher and felt compelled to more deeply explore her own practice. (more…)

Yana Holden

Yana Holden

Administrative Assistant

Yana is a student at Denison University in Ohio, earning her BA in International Studies and Economics with a concentration in Chinese Language. With an interest in Marketing and International Business, Yana became Physica’s Administrative Assistant creating a new web design, social media plan, and completing administrative duties. (more…)

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